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Apuro Chamber Vacuum Sealer, 300mm [GF439-A] [DK208-A] (Order In Item)

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The Apuro chamber vacuum packing machine is easy to use, exceptionally reliable and offers a very high output. Instantly sealing food or liquid in tidy, easy to store packs, the Apuro vacuum packer prepares food for cooling, freezing or cooking in precise portions. The vacuum and sealing actions are adjustable and once sealed the vacuum bags are ideal for use with a sous vide waterbath. A viewing window allows the food or liquid to be monitored during the vacuum process and the stainless steel construction makes this machine exceptionally hygienic and easy to clean.

Suitable for use alongside flat or embossed vacuum pack bags. For compatible vacuum pack bags, please see the accessories tab below.

Product features

      ▪   Capacity 6Ltr
      ▪   Dimensions 378(H) x 359(W) x 429(D)mm
      ▪   Dimensions - internal 110(H) x 300(W) x 350(D)mm
      ▪   Material Stainless steel
      ▪   Power Type 630W
      ▪   Voltage 230V
      ▪   Warranty 1 Year
      ▪   Weight 23kg
      ▪   Easy to use controls
      ▪   Easy-clean stainless steel construction
      ▪   Fully automatic vacuum and seal function
      ▪   Integrated pressure gauge
      ▪   Digital control panel and timer