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Soup Kettle, Black, 10lt

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KH Classik Chef soup kettle warmer is an excellent addition to any restaurant, catering service, or buffet line that needs to hold soup, gravies, stews, or nacho cheese at food-safe serving temperatures.

Its simple manual control knob allows you to hold product at temperatures. Manual control knob makes temperature adjustment easy. The higher the number, the higher the temperature!

The stainless steel construction with bold black coloring is durable, attractive, and a breeze to clean. The commercial grade soup kettle is durable yet lightweight to withstand multiple uses. The classic shape and simple style is a favorite among front of house, kitchen and waiter staff.

The lid’s cool-touch handle and hinged design provide safe handling while eliminating the potential risk and mess associated with holding a lid or setting it elsewhere while serving. It also features a slot so you don’t need a separate space to keep the ladle when not in use. Just leave it in the warmer and the lid closes around it, trapping the heat inside! Easily cleaned with any dishwasher or hand washed. The removable hinged lid, ring, and a 10lt aluminum inset help to make cleaning as easy as possible.

Another great feature is that it comes with a ladle and removable stainless steel insert.

Product features

▪ Capacity 10lt
▪ Diameter 385mm
▪ Height 366mm
▪ Hold Soup, Gravies, Stews, Or Nacho Cheese At Serving Temperatures.
▪ Temperature Control
▪ Removable Components Making It Easy To Clean
▪ Stainless Steel Ladle Included
▪ Printed Box
Note: Please cook and warm soup to desired temperature before transferring to soup kettle. Kettle does not warm from cold.