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Apuro Portable Sous Vide Machine, 40lt [DM868-A]

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The highly compact and portable Apuro Portable Sous Vide 1500W is ideal for professionals on the move. Made from robust and easy to clean stainless steel, it has a clear LCD display, a low water level detection alarm, precise temperature control and a 0-99hr timer. The unit can clip on to almost any container, pot or tank which has rounded or flat walls. Its main function is to reliably maintain the water at a consistent and precise temperature by circulating water, thereby allowing sous vide cooking, adding value and refinement to meat, fish and vegetables. Its minimum container depth is 200mm.

Please note: pans sold separately.

Product features
▪ Capacity 40lt
▪ Dimensions 320(H) x 145(W) x 130(D)mm
▪ Material Stainless Steel
▪ Finish - external Stainless steel
▪ Power Type 1500W. 6.5A.
▪ Temperature Range ambient +5C, maximum 99C
▪ Voltage 230V
▪ Warranty 1 Year
▪ Weight 1.8kg
▪ Temperature control within 0.1C
▪ Circulates the water (improves temperature consistency versus still water baths )
▪ Clamps to pots with rounded or flat walls
▪ Stainless Steel body
▪ LCD function Display
▪ Low water level detection alarm device
▪ 0-99hr timer
▪ Pump speed: 5Ltr/min
▪ Max capacity 40lt