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Apuro Bain Marie without Tap with Pans 2x1/3 & 2x1/6, 150mm [FT691-A] (Order in item)

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Looking for a way to keep your food warmer for extended periods? Then the Apuro Bain Marie with tap and pans will be the product for you. Thanks to the stainless-steel construction the Bain Marie has a high durability allowing it to last longer in the busy kitchen environment.
Also, the Bain Marie uses wet heat to gently warm food without drying out or burning ¿ helping to protect the food without changing the taste or texture. Boasting the built-in boil-dry cut off helps to protect the internal components if the water runs out, so both the food and Bain Marie can be protected from potential dry burning.
And the model includes four high-quality Vogue gastronorm pans and lids so you don¿t have to spend more money on buying the individual pans and lids and the Bain Marie can be used straight out of the box. The gastronorm pans included are 2 1/3 pans and 2 1/6 pans all at 150mm deep. Featuring the 150mm gastronorm pan accessibility means your chefs can bulk prep food without having to constantly re-cook perfect for the busy periods of service.
Including the front mounted tap for easy drainage creates a quick and easy way of removing the water without picking up the entire units saving your staff the time and hassle with an easy drainage system.

Product features

▪ Easy-clean stainless steel construction
▪ Gentle wet heat (only) operation
▪ Accepts GN pans up to 150mm deep
▪ Ideal for hot holding most liquid foods such as soups, gravy and mushy peas
▪ Includes 2 x 1/3 and 2 x 1/6, 150mm deep pans and lids
▪ Front mounted tap for easy drainage
▪ 1/3 x 150mm - GN Pan dimension: 150(H) x325(W) x 176(D) mm
▪ 1/6 x 150mm - GN Pan dimension: 150(H) x162(W) x 176(D) mm
▪ Plug Type: 1x 10amp Plug
▪ Start up time: 17 mins between 10℃ and 25℃ and 20 mins more than 25℃
▪ Recovery time: 1 minute