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Vogue Oval Casserole Red, 5lt 110x243x295mm [GH313] (Order in item)

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Get rid of the winter chills with this cast iron casserole dish from Vogue. The dish and lid are designed with an innovative mould that create a self-basting cooking pot, keeping contents moist whilst they cook. This frees up your time to prepare other foods or wash up, helping you to manage your time and making cooking a breeze. The dish has 2 large handles that make it easy to move, even when wearing oven gloves.

Product features
▪ Capacity 5Ltr
▪ Dimensions 110(H) x 243(W) x 295(D)mm
▪ Material Cast iron
▪ Weight 6.63kg
▪ Made from high quality cast iron for supreme heat conduction and retention
▪ Suitable for all heat sources
▪ Non-stick and rust free when properly seasoned
▪ Integral handles offer superior strength
▪ Stainless steel knob
▪ All measurements are internal
▪ Self-basting
▪ Not dishwasher safe
▪ Season before use