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Pan Grate Full Size, Chrome, 460x255mm

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This versatile KH Pan Grates / Cake Cooling Tray footed wire cooling rack / pan grate perfect tool for all your cooling needs!
Whether you are cooling hot items, draining excess liquids, this cooling rack has the utmost versatility and is a must have in any kitchen.

Product features

▪ Dimensions 460x255mm
▪ The chrome plated footed cooling rack / pan grate keeps your food from sticking to the bottom of a full size steam table pan.
▪ The raised grate also serves as a cooling rack for items that should not sit in liquid or juices
▪ Suitable to sit within steampans so any oils can drip away.
▪ Raising legs
▪ Ideal for cake cooling rack, to sit fried food onto
▪ Dishwasher safe under normal conditions