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Castle New Blue Commercial Disinfectant, 5lt

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NEW BLUE has a fresh modern new fragrance with extraordinary residual capabilities. NEW BLUE has been carefully formulated and exhaustively tested to ensure a powerful biocidal activity is uniquely combined with incredible persistence of pleasant, clean reodorant capabilities. A unique reodorant disinfectant exhibiting a complex of warm, clean, spicy and herbal notes sustained by fixatives and boosters. Providing persistent residual effect and augmented with bactericidal compounds, yielding marked antibacterial activity against a wide range of pathogenic micro organisms (germs). Indicated to be used as an aid in the prevention of environmental cross infection particularly in toilets, washrooms, and change rooms and wherever large groups of people gather in relatively confined spaces.

Product features

▪ Provides a warm, clean, pleasing, air freshening effect, which overcomes mal odours
▪ Disinfectant, deodorant and reoderant
▪ Kills the species of bacteria (usually gram negative) commonly found and transmitted in toilet and washroom areas
▪ Safe for use in septic tanks