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**2 PACK** Castle Guardsman Non-Caustic Auto Dishwashing Liquid, 5lt

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GUARDSMAN is a yellow, odourless, slightly viscous dish and glass machine dishwasher detergent. It is a carefully balanced blend of low foaming cleansers, non caustic alkalis, and water softening agents to make it suitable for hard and soft water conditions. Removes the most stubborn stains to leave dish and glassware sparkling clean.

GUARDSMAN is a non caustic non chlorinated product designed to be applied to dish and glass washers via automated dosing equipment. This formulation combines non hazardous ingredients and low handling to provide optimum performance with an excellent Occupational Health and Safety low risk profile.

Product features

▪ Odourless
▪ Low foaming
▪ Non caustic
▪ Suitable for hard and soft water
▪ Removes most stubborn stains
▪ 2 x 5lt