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Castle GreenPro Frontier Food Service Sanitiser, 5lt

GREEN-PRO FRONTIER is a new generation free rinsing hard surfaces sanitiser for use in food preparation and service areas where there is a requirement for high standards of sanitation for food contact surfaces.
GREEN-PRO FRONTIER is suitable for export meat processing facilities and a ‘fitness for purpose’ statement is available for AQIS audit. Recommended as a ‘No Rinse’ Sanitiser.

Product features

▪ Satisfies the criteria required for a no rinse sanitiser in food processing & food manufacturing facilities.
▪ Variety of economical dispensing options: Either packed in 1-litre containers with a chemical chamber for correct dilution dispensing or a bulk 5-litre pack for venturi feed dispensing.
▪ Versatile – formulated also to be used as a spray and wipe on all non-porous surfaces.
▪ Quick Drying – dries thoroughly and quickly without spotting or streaking.
▪ Highly active for quick cleaning and minimum contact times.
▪ Free rinsing for clean and rinse applications.
Brand Castle
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