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Cambro Pizza Dough Proofing Box Lid [CW801] (Order in item)

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Strong, durable and easy to clean, this white dough box lid is designed to fit the Cambro pizza dough-proofing box (20118). Using this cover will help to prevent crusting and increase the storage life of your fresh dough, allowing you to create fantastic and delicious pizza bases. Made from strong and long-lasting polypropylene, fitting this lid to your Cambro box will also make it stackable and save on valuable kitchen storage space.

Product Features

      ▪  Dimensions: 660(W) x 460(D)mm
      ▪  Material: Polypropylene
      ▪  Temperature Range: -40°C to 70°C
      ▪  Weight: 1.33kg
      ▪  Use to cover your Cambro pizza dough proofing box (20118)
      ▪  Keeps dough fresh and prevents crusting
      ▪  Strong and rigid for stacking