Hidden Dangers of Insects and Flies

Amidst the daily operations, an often-overlooked threat can silently harm businesses – pests, particularly insects and flies. These innocuous creatures can have a profound impact on various aspects of your business, ranging from hygiene standards to customer perception. We recognise the gravity of this challenge and extend a diverse range of pest control solutions to shield your business from these threats. From natural repellent, Insect Solutions, our advanced insect control service, to bug zappers and door fly screens to citronella candles, we present a comprehensive approach to pest management.


The Hidden Dangers of Insects and Flies

Flies and insects bring hazards


Despite their small size, insects and flies carry potential dangers that can disrupt business operations:

Hygiene Hazards:  Insects and flies are notorious carriers of diseases and pathogens. Neglecting pest control can lead to compromised hygiene standards, risking health inspection violations and customer trust.

Customer Experience:  In the hospitality sector, providing exceptional customer experiences is paramount. The presence of pests can deter customers, leading to negative reviews, decreased foot traffic, and reduced revenue.

Product Contamination: In packaging industries, pest infestations can result in contaminated products, leading to recalls and reputational damage. Brand loyalty takes a hit, causing financial repercussions.

Operational Disruptions: The continuous battle against pests can disrupt day-to-day business operations, diverting valuable resources and impacting employee morale.


Wasp around food


Fletchers Supplies have curated a diverse array of pest control solutions, addressing the unique needs of businesses:


Insect Solutions Dispenser and Refill

Insect Solutions: 

The ultimate 24-hour pro-active control system that puts pests in their place in any situation, bakeries, butchers, restaurants, cafes, supermarkets, delicatessens, food processors, retail stores, medical centres, libraries, schools, hospitals, and business offices – all shielded from the invasion of unwanted critters.

Insect Solutions works by harnessing timed mist release technology combined with the natural insect-repelling pyrethrin. This dynamic duo creates a barrier of protection that is both safe and eco-friendly. Using Insect Solutions gives you the freedom to keep your doors and windows ajar, while insects either make a swift exit or think twice about even trying to come in. Should they find themselves trapped, their fate is sealed – often near windows and exits.

Key Features of Insect Solutions:

PRO-ACTIVE NOT RE-ACTIVE: Our system creates a protective barrier that keeps insects out, even when your doors and windows are wide open.

BIODEGRADES: Pyrethrins, the secret ingredient, break down quickly in sunlight. It leaves no traces, causing no harm to humans or the environment.

EASY TO USE: Our team at Fletchers Supplies takes care of everything. We will install the system and provide regular servicing to ensure 24/7 protection.

LOW COST: Safeguarding your space is crucial for food safety, and Insect Solutions makes it affordable – protection that will not break the bank.

TINY AMOUNTS EFFECTIVE: In just 24 hours, Insect Solutions releases an amount equivalent to a mere 2-second burst of fly spray.

SAFE AND NATURAL: Pyrethrin is a natural extract with minimal odour, making it safe for food premises, people, and our planet.

By customising the strength of pyrethrin and the timing of releases, Fletchers Supplies tailors an Insect Solutions setup that is perfect for you. Once installed, this silent dispensing goes to work, with each solution can lasting 5 weeks.



Fletchers Supplies 5-week service includes:

• Supply and Installation Included

• Servicing Every 5 Weeks

• Operational from September to April

• Dispensers Available on Loan, Two dispenser minimum

• No Lock in Contract

• Cancellation Anytime 

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Eazyzap Bug Zappers

Bug Zappers:

Devices that attract and eliminate flying insects using advanced technology. Bug Zappers use ultraviolet lights to attract insects and then eliminate them with a high voltage electric shock. They are particularly useful for eliminating mosquitoes, flies, fruit flies, moths, and wasps. Bug Zappers are a great option for anyone looking to keep their home, business, or outdoor space free from pests.


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Door Fly Screen

Fly Door Screens:  

Preventing flies and insects from entering indoor areas is crucial. Fly door screens provide a barrier while allowing fresh air to circulate, maintaining a comfortable and pest-free environment.  


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Citronella Candles

Citronella Candles:

Creating both ambiance and protection, citronella candles are excellent for outdoor dining areas. The pleasant aroma repels pests, enhancing the overall atmosphere.


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Insects and flies may have a significant impact on businesses, and it is important to address pest problems effectively. Fletchers Supplies offers a range of pest control solutions to empower businesses to combat pests effectively. These solutions include our advanced Insect Solutions service, Bug Zappers, Fly Door Screens, and Citronella Candles. By choosing Fletchers Supplies, businesses can benefit from comprehensive and effective pest control products and solutions.