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At Fletchers Supplies, we take pride in offering a comprehensive range of products and end-to-end services to meet your business needs. Whether it is cleaning supplies, packaging solutions, or hospitality essentials, we have you covered. Let us explore some of the key services we provide, including *free on loan dispensers, insect control solutions, Unox oven demonstrations, Robot Coupe demonstrations and flexible financing options, all topped off with our complimentary delivery services across Victoria and Southern New South Wales. 


Loan Dispensers for Washrooms, Chemical Solutions & Guest Amenities 

When it comes to washroom hygiene, we know how vital it is to have efficient and controlled dispensing systems. That is why we offer a selection of toilet paper and hand towel dispensers, including the popular ESG Controlled Use washroom dispensers, available in black or white. But that is not all! We take it a step further by providing these dispensers on loan, *free of charge. Additionally, we offer the Gojo & Purell automatic and manual liquid soap & sanitiser dispensers and Gojo Industrial soap & hand moisturiser dispensers to ensure your staff maintains the highest standards of health and cleanliness. 

Installing a washroom dispenserOur commitment to creating a safe, economical, and productive workplace drives us to offer Controlled Dose chemical solution dispensers on loan, which are highly concentrated, saving both space and reducing the amount of chemicals needed for daily use. We also understand the costs associated with guest accommodation amenities. To combat this, we have partnered with Swiss Trade, providing free on loan dispensers for body soap and hair shampoo and conditioning products. Using the entire product helps minimise wastage and reduces plastic in landfills. 


We offer a complete package, starting with a no-obligation site walk-through to assess your dispenser needs. We also provide on-site training and complimentary installation services, where we replace your old dispensers with new ones. Plus, you can count on us for dispenser maintenance and replacements, all at no extra cost. 

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Insect Control Solutions - Safe and Effective 

Displaying Insect Solutions Dispenser and Refill

At Fletchers Supplies, we prioritise creating safe and productive environments for our clients. Our Insect Solutions Dispensers offer a natural and environmentally friendly way to control unwanted insects and pests indoor and food areas. These dispensers release a safe natural pyrethrin spray every 5 minutes, ensuring an effective insect control solution that's also people and food safe. Best of all, we provide these dispensers *free on loan and offer regular service changes every 5-6 weeks. With no lock-in contract, you have the flexibility to pause or adjust the service to suit your needs, especially during cooler months. 


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Explore Unox and Robot Coupe Ovens with No-Obligation Demonstrations   

Unox demonstration at location

Selecting the perfect oven and food processing equipment for your business is critical, and we understand this. That is why we have partnered with Unox and Robot Coupe, esteemed experts in commercial ovens and food processing equipment, respectively. Our customers can experience, no obligation, free demonstrations, discussing oven and equipment options with expert chefs while witnessing their impressive capabilities in action. You can choose to have the demonstrations on your site or visit our Fletchers Supplies showroom in Wangaratta, making it a convenient experience catered to your preferences.  

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Flexible Financing with SilverChef 

To help your hospitality business flourish, we have teamed up with SilverChef Finance, providing flexible equipment finance options. SilverChef has assisted over 50,000 hospitality businesses in achieving their dreams, and now you can easily apply for financing through our website with no obligations. 
SilverChef Finance
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Free Delivery for Added Convenience 

We believe in going the extra mile for our customers. That is why we offer free delivery services with a minimum spend on a daily, weekly, and fortnightly basis across Victoria and Southern New South Wales. This ensures that your orders are promptly and efficiently delivered, saving you time and money. 


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Fletchers Supplies is more than just a supplier of cleaning, packaging, and hospitality products; we are your trusted partner providing unparalleled services, including loaner dispensers, insect control solutions, Unox and Robot Coupe oven demonstrations, flexible financing options, and complimentary delivery services. Our aim is to exceed your expectations and simplify your business operations. Allow us to help elevate your business to new heights with our reliable products and exceptional services. 



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