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Vogue Wide Neck Squeeze Sauce Bottle, Clear, 450ml [E092]

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Faster refills, less mess - Vogue have designed this squeeze bottle with an extra wide neck and screw top, making it easier than ever to fill up with sauce. Once full, the thin nozzle guarantees precision and accuracy when adding sauces, garnishing dishes or applying delicate finishing touches. Made from clear polyethylene, you'll always know when the sauce is starting to run low. You won't get caught out by an empty bottle again!

Product features

      ▪   Capacity 454 ml
      ▪   Dimensions 200(H) x 67(Ø)mm
      ▪   Material Polyethylene
      ▪   Weight 60g
      ▪   Screw top with extra wide neck
      ▪   Quick and easy to refill
      ▪   Easy to clean
      ▪   Clear design
      ▪   Thin nozzle for complete control
      ▪   Robust and durable for the busiest restaurants or diners
      ▪   Nozzle aperture ideal for decorating
      ▪   Nozzle can be trimmed for general sauce dispensing