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Vogue Stainless Steel Ladle, Ivory, 3oz [CD146]

Quickly identify the correct size of ladle for each task with Vogue's colour-coded collection. This 89ml ladle has an ivory-coloured handle along with a stamped capacity marking, and is designed with a sturdy 70(Ø)mm bowl made from heavy gauge stainless steel - high heat resistance and long-lasting commercial quality is assured. Featuring a long handle for full control and safe serving, the ladle will help you manage portion sizes with complete accuracy. Between uses, a hooked handle helps you make the most of your kitchen space by hanging it alongside your other most-used utensils.

Product Features
▪ Capacity 89 ml
▪ Dimensions 375 mm (L)
▪ Material Stainless Steel
▪ Weight 240g
▪ 70(Ø)mm bowl
▪ Stamped capacity marking
▪ Colour-coded handle for easy identification
▪ Hooked handle for easy storage
▪ Durable and long-lasting
▪ High quality
▪ Long handle for safe serving
Brand Vogue
SKU # 21142