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Vogue Scottish Dough Scraper, 102mm [E406] (Order In Item)

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Ideal for lifting, dividing and the general handling of pastry dough, this high quality Vogue Scottish Dough Scraper is an essential tool for any commercial kitchen. Boasting a stiff, straight metal blade, this scraper is exceptionally strong and robust, allowing you to manipulate and move even the stickiest of dough with ease. The premium metal construction also makes this pastry scraper extremely durable and hardwearing, helping it endure the rigours of daily use in any fast-paced catering environment. Completed with an ergonomic plastic handle, the tool is also incredibly stable and secure in the hand, helping you to comfortably scrape for lengthy periods of time.

Product features

      ▪   Dimensions 102(H) x 150(W)mm
      ▪   Material Metal
      ▪   Weight 180g
      ▪   Rigid blade allows for easy lifting
      ▪   Immensely hardwearing
      ▪   Plastic handle for comfortable use
      ▪   Guarantees effortless scraping