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Vogue Scoop Polycarbonate, 900ml [K938] (Order in item)

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Accurately manage portion sizes with a wide variety of foods by using this multi-purpose polycarbonate scoop from Vogue. The 900ml scoop makes it easy to control your use of ingredients with precision - no more costly inaccuracies or unnecessary wastage. Designed with finger grooves in the handle for a comfortable and secure grip, the scoop is strong, robust and dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning.

Product Features
▪ Capacity 900 ml
▪ Dimensions 116(H) x 122(W) x 277(D) mm
▪ Material Polycarbonate
▪ Weight 210g
▪ Accurate portion control
▪ Grooved handle for comfortable grip
▪ Multi-purpose use
▪ Dishwasher safe