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Vogue Non-stick Dariol Mould, 65x60mm, 3 pack [GC981] (Order in item)

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Create stunning individual portions of sweet and savoury dishes, thanks to these premium Vogue 60(H) x 65(Ø)mm non-stick dariole moulds. Coated in a non-stick resin, these moulds allow their contents to be easily removed without damaging, preserving the impeccable presentation of your food. The high quality non-stick coating also allows any leftover residue to be easily wiped away, making cleaning an effortless process. Designed to produce one small serving, the moulds also help you control portion sizes with expert precision, helping you to maximise your profits and serve your customers flawless dishes every time.

Product features

▪ Dimensions 60(H) x 65(Ø)mm
▪ Material Carbon steel
▪ Weight 170g
▪ High quality layered non-stick coating
▪ Pefect for baking and moulding
▪ Ideal for portion control
▪ Easy to clean
▪ Exceptionally robust