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Vogue High Heat Spatula, 420mm [K983] (Order in item)

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Heat resistant up to 260°C, this spatula from Vogue can be used with cookware or bakeware straight out of the oven. Using non-stick pots or pans? Not a problem - the non-abrasive material won't scratch or damage any delicate surfaces, and will keep your equipment in immaculate condition for far longer.

Designed with a curved edge and long comfortable handle, this spatula is fantastic for cleaning out deeper bowls with the minimum of effort. With less food wasted, kitchen costs will be significantly reduced. The extra long handle will keep hands a safe distance from heat sources at all times, while a useful hole can be used to hang up the spatula conveniently between uses.

Product features

▪ Dimensions 405(L)mm
▪ Material Plastic
▪ Weight 110g
▪ Heat resistant up to 260°C (500°F)
▪ Won't scratch or damage non-stick cookware
▪ Cool and comfortable handle
▪ Curved edge
▪ Hole in handle for hanging storage
▪ Stain resistant
▪ Dishwasher safe