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Dishwasher Rack, Plate Peg, 500x500mm [K909]

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In a sturdy design, this rack allows plates, dishes and containers to be held in place securely with the moulded pegs. The rounded corners ensure that this sturdy item can be pushed in and pulled out of a washer in a smooth operation. Moulded pegs dimensions: approximately 11.46mm width (at the base), 9.78mm width (at the top), 80mm height. Gap in between pegs is approximately 79.96mm.

Product features

▪ Dimensions 100(H) x 500(W) x 500(D)mm
▪ Weight 1.65kg
▪ Standard pegs hold plates, smaller trays and platters. Plate lock holds dishes firmly in place.
▪ Fast drying times
▪ Superior cleaning results
▪ Open bottom rack
▪ Rounded corners
▪ Moulded pegs - measuring 11.46 width at base, 9.78mm width at top, 80mm height
▪ Gap in between pegs measures approximately 79.96mm