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Triple Glass Brush, 185x95x195mm

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With a triple brush, you can clean multiple glasses within a matter of minutes by simply twisting a glass over one of the brushes.
Designed for tough, commercial use, the black, nylon bristles will accommodate glasses of virtually any size or design, removing tough soils, lipstick, and fruit pulp.
Designed for tough, commercial use, the polyester bristles will accommodate all sorts of glasses. Long-lasting nylon bristles promote thorough cleaning, ensuring you’re getting glasses squeaky clean every time.
Great for cleaning glasses prior to running them through the dishwasher. Rounded brush head prevents chipping while you are cleaning glasses so you can confidently clean the inside and rim of glasses.
The base acts as a suction cup, attaching to sinks and countertops for quick and hassle-free scrubbing.

Product features

▪ Length 185mm
▪ Height 195mm
▪ Width 95mm
▪ Maximum glass depth 145mm
▪ Ideal for any bar, tavern, pub, winery, restaurant, kitchen and like venues.
▪ 3 Soft durable bristles
▪ Commonly placed in a partly submerged bar sink.
▪ Perfect for removing glass dirt, lipstick and other residue
▪ Suction cups on base