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Tape, Brown, 75mtx48mm, Each

The most popular packaging tape due to its flexibility and quality. This tape can tolerate multiple environmental conditions, including humidity, cold storage and excessive heat. The flexibility of the rubber adhesive means the tape can easily adhere to all different finishes of cardboard including printed, recycled, smooth finish etc., making it the most reliable of all packaging tapes.

Product features
▪ Dimensions 75mt x 48mm
▪ Colour Brown
▪ Natural rubber adhesive tape.
▪ Extremely effective tack even on 'problem surfaces'.
▪ 48 um total thickness.
▪ Easy to handle with fast and effective bonding.
▪ 1000m rolls available for use in automatic carton sealing machines.
▪ Can be used in all conditions including humid, cold storage and extreme heat.
Brand Venus
SKU # 05485
Colour Brown