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Scoop Aluminium, 38oz, 230x120mm

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KH aluminium scoops allow you to maneuver precise amounts of product at once for quick and easy food preparation.

Ideal for ice, flour, rice, and other bulk ingredients Rather than dunking your glasses into the ice bin to retrieve ice, this aluminum scoop will grab just the right amount of ice to easily pour into your drink glasses, extending the life of your glassware while ensuring the safety of your patrons and staff.

Or, use it for scooping bulk dry ingredients, such as rice, grains, flour, sugar, or popcorn for your recipes or into food bags for resale.

▪ Round Bottom
▪ Ergonomic Handle Complete with Finger Grooves
▪ Perfect For Scooping Rice, Beans, Sugar, Flour, Lollies and Nuts
▪ One Piece Cast Aluminium
▪ Lightweight