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Microfibre Flat Mop Refill, 400mm

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This Microfibre Flat Mop Refill boasts a 400mm head which is highly adept at eliminating grease, dirt, and scuff marks from floors, able to utilise both wet and dry methods when needed. Ideal for both residential and commercial spaces, it is highly versatile, offering the option to clean with or without chemicals.

Product features

      ▪  A microfibre design that cleans grease, dirt, and scuff marks from your floors, with the flexible option to use it in a wet or dry manner.
      ▪  The microfibre head makes it great for cleaning grease, dirt, and scuff marks.
      ▪  It's designed for cleaning floors in the home or workspace.
      ▪  The mop head can be used in a wet or dry manner, and with or without chemicals.
      ▪  Suits the Oates Flat Mop [07394] available in store only