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Roband Milkshake Maker, Red, DM21R

Roband Milkshake Mixers are the ideal machine for making perfect thickshakes or milkshakes every time. The Saturn Beater produces extra fluffy shakes using minimal ingredients, time after time. Merging style, power and performance these mixers are a must-have for cafes and fast food outlets. Available in six colours.

Product features
▪ Powerful two-speed motor, 18,000 RPM on low and 22,000 RPM on high speed
▪ Saturn beater for extra fluffy shakes
▪ Two more high performance stainless steel beaters (Conical and Wave beaters) also included for use with ice cream
▪ Separate two-speed on/off switch with protective cover
▪ Available in red, white, black, graphite, seaspray & metallic
▪ Easy-clean base for cleaning spillage
▪ High performance stainless steel mixing spindle
▪ Takes standard 710ml (24 fl.oz.) cups without tilting to remove
▪ Includes stainless steel cup
▪ ‘Hands free’ operation when mixing cup is resting on the cup support
Brand Roband
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