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Purell ES8 7724 Hand Sanitiser Auto Dispenser, Graphite

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The Purell ES8 Graphite Dispenser is the epitome of convenience, style, and hygiene. Experience touch-free hand sanitisation at its best with this always-ready, battery-integrated, and customisable dispenser. Make the smart choice today and invest in a product that values your health and the environment. Stay protected, stay healthy, with Purell.

Product features

▪ Available in White (19907)
▪ Suits Refills Gel (19438) and Foam (19423) sanitiser
▪ Energised Upon Refill: Our Purell ES8 Graphite Dispenser is designed to be ready for action as soon as you refill it. No more waiting around for the dispenser to activate – it's always prepared to provide you with a quick and hygienic hand sanitising experience.
▪ Luxurious White and Graphite Options: Available in luxurious white and graphite, our dispenser complements any environment, be it your office, home, or commercial space. It adds a touch of elegance while ensuring a high standard of hygiene.
▪ Smart Battery Integration: We've integrated a coin cell battery into each refill, ensuring that your dispenser is powered efficiently. Say goodbye to frequent battery replacements, as this intelligent system ensures long-lasting performance.
▪ Optional SMARTLINK Modules: For added convenience, we offer optional SMARTLINK modules that provide service alerts. Stay informed about the dispenser's status and ensure seamless operation at all times.
▪ At-A-Glance Refills: Keeping track of refill status is a breeze with our AT-A-GLANCE refills feature. Easily recognise when a refill is due, and never run out of hand sanitiser again.
▪ PURELL ES8 1200ml Hand Sanitiser Refills: The dispenser is designed to work flawlessly with our PURELL ES8 1200ml Hand Sanitiser Refills. These high-capacity refills ensure that you and your family or customers stay protected for an extended period.
▪ Calibrated Dispenser-Formulation: Our dispenser is calibrated to deliver the perfect amount of hand sanitiser for optimal hygiene performance. Experience effective sanitisation every time without any wastage.
▪ SANITARY SEALED PET Refill Bottle: We care about the environment, which is why our refill bottles come with a SANITARY SEALED PET design. Additionally, the tear-off collar makes recycling effortless, reducing plastic waste.
▪ Lock or Not - Your Choice: You have the freedom to choose between our LOCK OR NOT technology and a locking system. This ensures that the dispenser remains secure in any setting, providing peace of mind.

**Dispenser can be contracted as a *free on loan basis. Please contact Fletchers Supplies for more information. *T&C's apply **