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Olympia Pavement Board, 500x850mm [GG108] (order in item)

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Pavements boards are perfect for drawing attention to passing business, bringing potential customers off the street and in through your door. Use them to keep customers informed of opening times, daily specials or any other message that you want to pass on to your customers. With a strong pine wood frame and easy to clean melamine board, you can easily re-write your messages with white or coloured chalk on this affordable A frame.

Product features
▪ Dimensions 500x 850mm
▪ Material Wood
▪ Weight 3.6kg
▪ Chain for optimum positioning
▪ Cleans easily with Securit blackboard cleaner (15389)
▪ Rubber feet to protect from water damage
▪ Hardwearing melamine base
▪ Weight: 3.6kg
▪ Fully varnished waterproof frame