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Olympia Crystal Wine Tasting Glasses, 220ml, 6 pack [GF738]

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A decent wine tasting glass should give you enough room to swirl and take in the aromas of the wine.

Olympia's wine glass is perfect for wine tasting as its large bowl aerates red wines such as merlot and shiraz, while the stem is long enough to keep your hand away from the bowl to keep white and rose wines chilled.

If you're a wine bar, vineyard or even restaurant offering wine tasting experiences then these wine glasses are the ideal choice.

Product features

▪ Capacity 220ml
▪ Dimensions 160(H) x 65(Ø)mm
▪ Material Crystal
▪ Weight 140g
▪ Glasswasher safe
▪ Ideal wine tasting glass
▪ Suitable for sparkling, red, white and rose wines