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Norris Upright Commercial Dishwasher IM7 (Order In Item)

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The Norris Upright Commercial Dishwasher IM7 is an efficient, reliable choice for commercial businesses, capable of washing up to 700 plates per hour and up to 40 loads in just one hour. It features a self-diagnostic system, automatic detergent and rinse aid injection, and thermostat function to ensure the required rinse temperature is met. Additionally, the durable pressed wash chamber is easy to clean, and it runs on a 415v 3 phase 50Hz electrical supply.

Product features

▪ Up to 700 plates per hour/ Up to 40 loads per hour
▪ Wash cycle times 60 / 120 / 180 / 720 seconds
▪ Automatic detergent & rinse aid injection
▪ Easy to clean pressed wash chamber
▪ Self-Diagnostic system
▪ Thermostat Function to ensure set rinse temperature is achieved
▪ Wash Pump
▪ Rinse Pump mains pressure
▪ Gravity drain. Drain pump optional
▪ Water per rack 2.7L
▪ Usable Height 420mm
▪ Electrical Supply 415v 3 phase 50Hz
▪ Dimensions: 632mmW x 745mmD x 1455-1510mmH Inc legs