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Anti-Slip Fibreglass Round Tray, Black, 400mm [J847]

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Carry and collect vast quantities of crockery and glassware with ease, using this 406(Ø)mm black Kristallon fibreglass round non-slip tray. Featuring a high quality anti-slip surface, the tray prevents tableware from sliding, reducing the risk of costly and dangerous spills when carrying. A strong fibreglass build means the tray is remarkably lightweight and won't flex when loading with heavy items, making it easier for your staff to carry more food or drink. This fibreglass construction also makes the tray more durable than plastic alternatives, ensuring a longer-lasting life in any busy bar, pub or restaurant. The tray is also effortless to clean, helping you keep it sanitary and ready for the next service at all times.

Product features

▪ Dimensions 20(H) x 406(Ø)mm
▪ Material Fibreglass
▪ Weight 750g
▪ Easy Clean
▪ Virtually unbreakable
▪ Non-porous
▪ One piece construction
▪ Resists peeling
▪ Extremely effective anti-slip surface
▪ Lightweight fibreglass construction enables effortless carrying
▪ Sturdy build prevents flexing when carrying heavy tableware
▪ Fibreglass build makes the tray stronger, more durable and lighter than plastic alternatives
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