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KH Wok Wood Handle, 400mm

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No other pan in your kitchen has the versatility of a good wok pan! Woks aren’t just for Asian cuisine anymore; the design of the wok pan is perfect for cooking a variety of dishes.

There is no substitute for a good wok when you need to saute and serve in large quantities, and this carbon steel mandarin wok is the perfect solution.

The carbon steel construction means that you will never have to worry about the integrity of this wok degrading. Your restaurant will be able to use this wok for years to come. With a long wooden handle, it’s also comfortable for your kitchen staff to hold while preparing hot foods. The handle provides ample room to grip and move the wok as you toss ingredients on the inside. This wok is also designed to resist cracking at it’s steel handle connection.

Product features

▪ Material Iron (requires seasoning)
▪ Dimensions 400mm / 16 inch
▪ Depth 120mm
▪ Handle length 210mm
▪ Round Bottom
▪ Suitable For Gas & Open Fire Cooking
▪ Professional Quality Heavy Gauge Iron
▪ Classic Commercial Design
▪ Strong Riveted Handle
▪ Withstands High Temperatures Necessary For Stir Frying, Deep-frying, Tempura And Steaming
▪ Hand wipe Recommended