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KH Tong, Polycarbonate, Black, 23cm

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Add these KH Colour Coded Tongs to your next catered event or buffet line for easy and efficient service.
The sturdy polycarbonate construction helps prevent the tongs from bending, breaking, or snapping.
Allows them to be used as part of a HACCP or other colour-coded system to help reduce the risk of cross-contamination in your kitchen.
Assigning a particular colour tongs to a specific application will help prevent the spread of food borne illnesses and create a more organised workflow for your staff.
Great for both front- and back-of-house use, these KH tongs offer quality and organisation to your commercial operation!
This one piece construction also makes cleaning in the sink or dishwasher quick and simple.

Can safely be cleaned and sanitised in a commercial dishwasher.

Product features

▪ Ideal For Buffet Serving
▪ Scalloped Edge
▪ Use as part of your HACCP system
▪ Dishwasher Safe
▪ Australian Made