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Beaumont Strainer, 2 Prong, Stainless Steel [F975]

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Hawthorne strainers help to remove any large pieces of ice from a cocktail. Designed to fit standard cocktail shakers, you can be as vigorous as you like when making your drink and use plenty of ice to bring it down to temperature. Once made, simply strain with the Hawthorne strainer to remove the ice. Double strain with a fine mesh strainer to remove any fine pieces of ice, avoiding dilution of the drink.

Product features
▪ Dimensions 18(H) x 145(W) x 95(D)mm
▪ Material Stainless steel
▪ Weight 37g
▪ Fits standard cocktail shaker
▪ Prevents large ice cubes or fruit entering cocktail
▪ Allows one handed operation
▪ Dishwasher safe
▪ Supplier Model Number: 3570