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ESG Fletchers SLIM 3-Roll Controlled Use Toilet Tissue Dispenser, Black

Dispenser is contracted as a ‘free on loan’ basis. Please contact Fletchers Supplies for more information.

Product Features

▪ Locking Dispenser Cover – Eliminating pilferage in your washroom with lockable cabinet with metal split ‘S’ key compatible to all our controlled-use dispensing systems

▪ High Capacity Dispenser – reducing labour & maintenance time

▪ Enhanced perception and image to facilities – Unique split core system, leaves

▪ The spent core in the dispenser. Reducing the mess in washrooms

▪ Durable ABS Construction – Making the dispenser incredibly difficult to break and reducing vandalism

▪ Translucent Exterior – Reducing maintenance time in the ease of sight to monitor when the dispenser needs filling

▪ Controlled-Use Savings – Patented OptiCore® technology ensures the maximum use of each toilet tissue roll before advancing to the next roll. Provide the end user with the volume of paper that they need, rather than the volume that they want

▪ Thoughtful Consumption – Our 100% recycled paper is designed to breakdown quickly (within 10-12 seconds of being agitated in water) reducing blockage and plumbing issues

▪ ADA Compliant - ADA Title III Compliant when installed according to ADA guidelines.
Brand Fletchers
SKU # 20304
Colour Black