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Duralex Picardie Tumbler, 220ml, 6 pack

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This versatile Picardie tumbler from Duralex is ideal for serving both hot and cold drinks. Its tempered glass construction makes this tumbler twice as resistant as standard glass. It is ideal for repeated and intense use in a variety of environments, including bars, cafes and canteens. This tumbler is glasswasher safe so it's easy to clean between uses.

Product features

• Capacity 220ml
• Dimensions 84(H) x 80(Ø)mm
• Material Toughened glass
• Weight 190g
• Made from tempered glass: suitable for both hot and cold liquids
• Practically unbreakable: you won't have to replace this glass for many year
• Comfortable for the customer to hold
• Unique design is sure to add a stylish touch to your drinks services
• Supplied in a pack of 6 to ensure that you're stocked-up on fresh glassware