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Cutting Board Green, 450x300x12mm [J253]

Prevent cross contamination in your kitchen with this green chopping board from Hygiplas. It is strong, robust and reliable - the non-absorbent low density polyethylene design is perfect for commercial kitchens because it is easy to clean and incredibly durable. Made to standard thickness, the 45 x 30cm board is coloured green for use with fruit or salad. Used alongside other colour-coded cutting boards, it is a simple but highly effective way of maintaining impeccable hygiene.

Product features

▪ Dimensions 12(H) x 450(W) x 300(D)mm
▪ Material Low Density Polyethylene
▪ Weight 1.31kg
▪ Colour coded to avoid cross contamination
▪ Green for vegetables, salad and fruit
▪ Heavy duty LDPE
▪ Strong and durable
▪ Standard thickness
▪ Non-absorbent
▪ Hygienic and easy to clean
▪ Five other colours available
▪ Sold individually
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Colour Green