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Confoil 7114 Small Dessert Foil Tray and Lid, 415ml, 25 pack

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$15.95 inc GST
These square and rectangular foil trays feature a vertical flange which folds down flat to accommodate a lid. This range includes compartmental trays for meals, as well as large sizes for caterers. The pack of 25 includes matching lid.

Made from quality foil, our wrinklewall trays are 100% recyclable and endlessly renewable. This makes them a great, environmentally responsible choice.

Product features
▪ Top Out 133x110mm
▪ Top In 117x92mm
▪ Base 104x76mm
▪ Height 46mm
▪ Capacity 415ml
▪ Suitable for chilled contents, ovenable, cook directly in and frozen contents
▪ This pack of 25 includes matching lid