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Castle Friction Lavender, Slip Resistant, 5lt

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FRICTION LAVENDER is a specifically designed heavy duty floor cleaner that not only cleans and maintains the floor surface but leaves the floor surface with slip resistant characteristics. FRICTION LAVENDER is designed to suit all existing cleaning methods. FRICTION LAVENDER has been specially formulated with microscopic particles of a specially developed slip reducing agent to increase the co efficient of friction of the floor surface, thus reducing the risk of slip fall accidents - particularly when wet.
FRICTION LAVENDER at full strength has a pH of 9.0 and is powerful enough to remove grease and dirt problems. As FRICTION LAVENDER is mixed and applied to the floor surface the pH reverts to a neutral 7.0. FRICTION LAVENDER leaves no alkali residues to attack the floor or produce slippery soaps when moisture comes into contact with the treated surface.

Product features

▪ Heavy duty, slip resistant floor cleaner
▪ Suit all existing cleaning methods
▪ Reduces the risk of slip fall accidents