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Castle Double Action Musk Neutral Cleaner, 5lt

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DOUBLE ACTION is a neutral detergent with a strong but not overpowering residual perfume. DOUBLE ACTION is available in two fragrances: MUSK is a reddish brown colour and LAVENDER is a purple colour. DOUBLE ACTION is not just an effective hard surface maintenance cleaner; it is also a powerful residual reodorant. The combination of wetting agents emulsifiers and detergents in DOUBLE ACTION, leads to the rapid removal from hard surfaces of soils, which if left on the surface could give rise to malodours and even diseases.

Thus, while the surfactant system in DOUBLE ACTION is efficiently removing the soils, this complex perfume system is initially providing a pleasant environment in which the product is being used and then, most importantly, leaves a mild and acceptable but persistent residual odour.

Product features

▪ Neutral detergent with a strong but not overpowering residual perfume
▪ Effective hard surface maintenance cleaner
▪ Powerful residual reodorant