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Castle Break Thru Heavy Duty High Foam, 25lt (Order in item)

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Clear, pale, straw coloured liquid, which appears slightly milky on dilution. Breakthru is a highly alkaline water based liquid, containing blends of anionic detergents. It is a product developed for the fast and safe removal of fats and greasy soils from floor, walls and equipment in food processing areas.
It is described as a ’Quick Break Detergent’ and has been tested to break within the 60 minute parameter.
Made to cut grease in meat cutting rooms, it is specially formulated to cut animal fats, and what a job it does!
Breakthru - now ready to go to work on hard surfaces...wherever grease is a problem. It takes a special grease cutting formulation to break through grease barriers and get hard to clean surface clean.
Castle Chemicals Breakthru penetrates, lifts and dissolves grease and soil deposits. It's a true heavy duty cleaner which gets hard surfaces clean without hard scrubbing. Cleans up in minutes instead of hours.
Breakthru degreasing cleaner, not only gets commercial and institutional washable surfaces and equipment clean, but does it fast and easy! A hot water rinse completes the job. Breakthru is ideal for walls, floors, equipment where a heavy duty cleaner can be used. There's no grit or abrasives to scratch surfaces, and you can choose the cleaning method that best suits your needs.

Product features

▪ Designed for use in food processing areas, removes organic soils such as meat fats and greases from hard surfaces
▪ Rapidly penetrates soils and displaces these from the surface to be cleaned
▪ Effectively emulsifies and disperses soils, thus preventing redeposition of the soils back onto the clean surface
▪ Rinses freely and thoroughly
▪ Equally effective in both hard and soft water
▪ Safe to use on all hard surfaces at recommended dilutions