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Arkadia Caramel Syrup, 750ml

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Elevate your hospitality offerings with Arkadia Caramel Syrup, a tantalizing infusion of nutty and buttery caramel that effortlessly enhances the flavor profile of your beloved beverages. Crafted to achieve the ideal level of sweetness, this syrup is the ultimate accompaniment for your preferred drinks. Experience the perfect harmony of flavors by incorporating just 1-2 pumps into your cherished coffee or hot chocolate. Alternatively, conjure up a revitalizing Caramel frappe by blending this syrup with ice.

The possibilities are boundless when you embrace Arkadia Premium Syrups. Our masterful artisans have meticulously developed Arkadia Premium Caramel Syrup to grant you an unparalleled taste sensation marked by its exquisite quality. Born from 25 years of Arkadia's expertise in curating café indulgence, this syrup is proudly made in Australia. Add a touch of elegance and delight to your hospitality offerings with Arkadia Caramel Syrup.

Product features

▪ 750ml
▪ Flavour Caramel
▪ Ideal for hot coffee beverages, mochas, lattes, smoothies, granitas and frozen beverages