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BioPak BioBoard Tray#3, 180x134x45mm, 250 carton [BB-TRAY3]

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BioBoard trays are made from sustainably sourced FSC® certified paperboard.

Elevate your culinary offerings with the BioPak BioBoard Tray#3, a true embodiment of eco-friendly innovation. This thoughtfully designed tray combines functionality and sustainability, making it an essential addition to your hospitality supplies. With the BioPak commitment to quality, you can trust that each tray delivers impeccable performance while leaving a minimal environmental footprint.

Eco-Conscious Design: The BioPak BioBoard Tray#3 reflects our dedication to a greener future. Crafted from renewable resources and certified compostable, it seamlessly integrates into your sustainability initiatives.

Perfect Size: With carefully chosen dimensions, this tray is accommodating for a variety of dishes. Whether you're serving appetizers, finger foods, or desserts, the BioBoard Tray#3 offers versatile presentation options.

Quality Craftsmanship: Manufactured with precision and care, this tray is made from BioPak's innovative BioBoard material, ensuring durability and reliability without compromise.

Thoughtful Convenience: The BioPak BioBoard Tray#3 is designed for ease of use, whether in a bustling restaurant, a catered event, or a café. Its adaptability and compostable nature redefine practicality.

Embrace Sustainability: By opting for the BioPak BioBoard Tray#3, you're making a conscious choice to support the environment. Reduce waste and showcase your commitment to sustainability with every use.

Product Features

▪ Product size: 180mm L x 134mm W x 45mm H
▪ Carton size: 70cm L x 23cm W x 37cm H
▪ Carton total weight: 6.6kg
▪ Pieces per carton: 250