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Bastion Glove Latex Powder Free Blue High Risk, XXL, 45 pack

Product features
▪ Examination gloves
▪ Ambidextrous
▪ Comfortable beaded cuff
▪ Excellent strength and tactility
▪ Optional Lightly Powdered finish for ease of donning (Cornstarch powder used is free of GE material) Silicone free
▪ Micro Textured finish allows for outstanding wet & dry grip
▪ Latex Black gloves do not show stains from inks and dyes
▪ High Risk gloves are 300mm length, feature a long cuff and exceptional strength
▪ High Risk gloves are 3 times thicker than standard latex for high risk and heavy duty applications.
▪ A safer and cost effective option due to fewer breakages in heavy applications.
▪ HACCP certified
▪ Technical data sheets available
Brand Bastion
SKU # 06630