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Agar Fresh Mop, 20lt

What is Fresh Mop?
Fresh Mop is a hard floor cleaner designed for high-gloss floors such as terrazzo, marble and slate. It will not streak on glossy stone floors or polyurethane-sealed timber floors.

Key Benefits
• Highly active, low alkaline detergent – dilutes up to 1:80
• Safe for use on sensitive surfaces
• Ideal for mopping – rinse free
• Effective in hot or cold water
• Based on regrowable raw materials
• Biodegradable
• Economical, non-toxic and mild
• Versatile & leaves a lingering perfume

How Does It Work
Fresh Mop is a lemon-scented neutral cleaner that will remove fats, oils, dirt, spillages, vehicular road dirt, floor traffic, soilage and spills of all kinds from all hard surfaces, polished floors, tiles, fittings, windows, ducting, walls and paintwork. Fresh Mop is safe on terrazzo, marble and slate, cars and trucks. Fresh Mop is ideal for any surface not harmed by water.
Brand Agar
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