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Agar Ammodet, 5lt

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What is Ammodet?
A high-foaming concentrated cleaner with the added Ammodet power of ammonia. Ammodet is ideal for washing walls, floors, utensils and painted surfaces. As a window-cleaning solution, Ammodet dissolves dirt quickly and squeegees off, leaving the glass sparkling and completely streak-free.

Key Benefits

• Low in cost and highly concentrated
• Shows rapid soil attack
• Has a very high soil-loading capacity
• Biodegradable and phosphate-free
• Effective in hot or cold water
• Excellent window cleaner – it dissolves dirt
• Squeegees off leaving glass sparkling and completely streak free. How Does It Work?

Ammodet is a concentrated high foam cleaner with ammonia that will remove dirt, food spills, greasy fatty films, fats, smears and marks on windows; all traffic dirt from floors.

For Use On…

Walls, floors, utensils, kitchen ducting, windows, mirrors, porcelain, paintwork and all surfaces not harmed by water.
Not for use on polished floors.