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Ag Showcase Fridge With Doors, Multi Deck, 2000mm [MSD2000] (Order in item)

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AG Equipment's multi-deck glass door showcase refrigerator is ideal for your café, deli, mini-mart, or supermarket; it measures 1940 mm wide and 2000 mm high. This unit has a total storage capacity of 1125 litres, thanks to its four shelves and base. Our showcase cooler, with its powder-coated base and backing for easy cleaning and LED lighting on each shelf, will make your products seem fantastic.

When you buy from AG Equipment, you know you are getting a twenty-four-month parts and labour warranty from a trusted Australian supplier.

Carel iJF Controller

The new iJF controller is by CAREL with more than thirty years of experience in the refrigeration controller market. Customisation options, aesthetics and functionalities have been considered when commissioning the controller. Its frameless flat design and distinctive appearance blend perfectly into any fridge or freezer appliance.

  • Provides Logs
  • Fault alarm warnings
  • Mobile connectivity with Controlla Application through BlueTooth


    • Powder-coated shelves, back and base with glass sides and doors
    • Four adjustable shelves, allowing 4 separate storage levels
    • Energy efficient design with integrated front blind to keep temperatures low overnight
    • Carel iJF Digital LED display and electronic temperature controller


    • Powder-coated steel back and base
    • 1125L capacity
    • 4 adjustable shelves
    • Adjustable feet
    • 25°c Ambient Temperature / 60% Humidity
    • SECOP, SCE18MNX compressors


    • Temperatures between 0°c and +7°c, under 25°c room temperature and 60% humidity
    • Electronic temperature control
    • Fan-forced ventilated cooling

    Installation and Maintenance

    • Installed with a 15 Amp plug 
    • This unit MUST be placed on a levelled surface.
    • This unit MUST not be exposed to direct or indirect sunlight or near any heat-radiated appliances.
    • This unit MUST be placed leaving a clearance of a minimum 20cm from the rear wall 
    • Only suitable for indoor fully air-conditioned environment
    • For optimal performance and longevity, the condenser on this unit must be cleaned monthly.
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