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AG Open Showcase Fridge, 1200mm, 580lt, [FGOR1200LC] (Order in item)

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Our 1200mm wide, 1880mm high open-face multi-deck showcase refrigerator is perfect got your cafe, deli, mini-mart, or supermarket. With three shelves and the base of the unit all available for storage, this unit has a total storage capacity of 580 litres. With a highly reflective stainless-steel base and mirrored backing, and LED lights for every shelf your products will look amazing when displayed in our showcase cooler.


▪ Stainless steel Mirror Base
▪ 3 adjustable shelves, allowing 4 separate storage levels
▪ Energy efficient design with integrated front blind to keep temperatures low overnight
▪ Dixell Digital LED display and electronic temperature controller


▪ Stainless steel mirror base
▪ 580L capacity
▪ 3 adjustable shelves
▪ Pre-installed castor wheels
▪ 25°c Ambient Temperature
▪ Embraco Compressor
▪ Base (mm): 1160(w) x 330(d) x 300(h)
▪ Bottom shelf (mm): 1150(w) x 280(d) x 245(h)
▪ Middle Shelf (mm): 1150(w) x 280(d) x 245(h)
▪ Top shelf (mm): 1150(w) x 280(d) x 260(h)


▪ Temperatures between +2°C and +8°C
▪ Electronic temperature control
▪ Fan-forced ventilated cooling

Installation and Maintenance

▪ 15 Amp Plug
▪ This unit must be placed leaving clearance for ventilation. Please refer to the user manual for details.
▪ Only suitable for the air-conditioned environment
▪ Can’t be positioned adjacent to a door, or in the path of a breeze.
▪ For optimal performance and longevity, the condenser filter on this unit must be cleaned monthly.