Passata Making Essentials


Embark on a culinary journey with Fletchers Supplies to craft the perfect passata – a velvety smooth, soul-satisfying sauce that elevates your dishes. This guide delves into the art of passata making, equipping you with the tools and techniques to transform fresh tomatoes into a culinary masterpiece.


Essential Equipment

Tomato Strainer / Moulin: Your secret weapon for effortless skin and seed removal. Choose a moulin with a fine mesh for an exceptionally smooth texture.

Stainless Steel Pots: Invest in heavy-bottomed beauties that distribute heat evenly, coaxing out the full flavour potential of your tomatoes. Look for lids to trap the steam and accelerate the cooking process.

Bottling Arsenal: Fletchers Supplies offers a range of jars, bottles, and lids to suit your preference. Opt for high-quality glass for optimal flavour preservation and longevity.

Funnels and Spoons: The thermohauser funnel minimises spills, while wooden and thermoglass spoons gently stir, protecting the delicate flavours.

Apron Up!: Shield yourself from splatters with a comfortable, durable apron.

Label Your Love: Personalise your jars with high-quality labels, adding a touch of elegance and making identification a breeze.

Quality Chef Knife: A sharp, comfortable knife ensures clean cuts and efficient preparation – the foundation of a perfect passata.


Passata Jars and Equipment

Bottling Perfection

Sanitation is Key: Cleanliness is key for long-lasting freshness. Wash jars thoroughly with hot, soapy water, using a bottle brush for the interiors. Inspect for cracks or chips and discard any compromised jars.

Boiling Bonanza: Submerge the jars in a large pot of boiling water for at least 10 minutes to eliminate bacteria. Sterilise lids and bands in a separate pot of hot water.

Air Dry Elegance: After boiling, carefully remove the hot jars and let them air dry upside down on a clean surface. Avoid using towels, which can introduce contaminants.

Dishwasher Magic: Alternatively, utilise a dishwasher's sanitising cycle for effortless cleaning.

Precision Assembly: Once dry, assemble the jars with tightly sealed lids, ensuring no interior contamination. Store them in a clean, dry area until filling.

Filling Flair: Use a ladle and funnel to ensure mess-free, accurate jar filling. This guarantees consistent portions and minimises spillage.

Freeze for Future Flavours

For those who crave the convenience of frozen passata, Fletchers Supplies offers Genfac plastic containers, designed specifically for freezing. Store your precious sauce for future culinary events, ready to elevate your dishes whenever inspiration strikes.


Passata Jars Open

Post-Passata Polish

Transform your kitchen from a tomato battleground to a sparkling haven with Fletchers Supplies' cleaning arsenal:

Benchtop Bliss: Bid farewell to stubborn stains with Agar Wipe Away or True Blue Use All – benchtop cleaners formulated to tackle even the toughest tomato residue.

Floors Flawless: Conquer splatters and spills on your kitchen floor with Agar Fresh Mop and True Blue Use All, leaving your space hygienically clean and ready for your next culinary creation.

Washing Up Whiz: Give your pots and pans a spa treatment with True Blue Jadet Premium, a hand dishwashing detergent that tackles grease while pampering your hands. Pair it with Edco Green/Gold Scour Sponge for sparkling results.

Lady Wiping Bench


Crafting the perfect passata is an art form, and Fletchers Supplies is your trusted studio. With the right equipment, meticulous practices, and efficient cleanup solutions, you'll be a passata maestro in no time. So, embrace the adventure, unleash your inner chef, and savour the symphony of flavour that awaits!

Visit us today to equip yourself with everything you need to make passata magic!

Additional Tips

Bullet Point Experiment with different tomato varieties to discover your perfect flavour profile.

Bullet Point Infuse your passata with herbs like basil or oregano for an extra layer of complexity.

Bullet Point Use your homemade passata in pasta sauces, soups, stews, and even as a pizza base!

Bullet Point Download your passata equipment checklist.


    Enjoy the journey and buon appetito!