Unpleasant smell is a battle every household and commercial establishment faces. From stubborn bathroom odours to lingering kitchen drain smells, these unpleasantries can significantly impact a space's ambience. While masking agents offer temporary relief, they don't address the root of the problem. At Fletchers Supplies, we understand the importance of a fresh and hygienic environment, and that's why we offer a range of effective digester and odour neutraliser products to eliminate odours permanently.


Understanding the Source: Why Masking Isn't Enough

Many unpleasant odours in toilets, drains, and carpets stem from organic matter build-up. This can be anything from urine in toilets and pet accidents on carpets to food scraps accumulating in kitchen and floor drains. As this matter decomposes, it produces bacteria that release unpleasant-smelling gases. Simply masking these odours with air fresheners or scented sprays is like putting a Band-Aid on a broken leg. The organic matter continues to decompose, releasing odours and potentially harbouring harmful bacteria.


The Power of Digesters: Eliminating the Problem at its Core

Digester products like Nilodor Digester. These bio-enzymatic formulas contain naturally occurring bacteria strains that actively consume and break down organic matter. By eliminating the food source for odour-producing bacteria, 
digesters effectively eliminate odours at their source. This not only provides long-lasting odour control but also helps eliminate potential hygiene issues.

Nilodor Nilium: A Neutralising Force

For situations where immediate odour control is necessary alongside the use of digesters, consider Nilodor Nilium. This effective odour neutraliser tackles a broad spectrum of odours, leaving your space smelling fresh and clean. Unlike masking agents, Nilodor Nilium neutralises odours at a molecular level, ensuring a long-lasting effect.


Urinal Screens: Proactive Odour Prevention

In commercial settings, particularly in restrooms, proactive odour prevention is key. We offer Urinal Screens that act as the first line of defence against odours in urinals. These disposable screens contain a bio-enzyme block that neutralises odours and prevents splash back, keeping restrooms hygienic and fresh.

Maintaining Freshness with Drain Treatments and Trap Seals

For optimal odour control in drains, consider using a Trap and Drain Treatment. This solution helps prevent odours from arising in infrequently used drains by forming a protective layer of water. Additionally, Green Drain Waterless Trap Seals eliminate the need for water traps, which can dry out and allow sewer gases to enter your home or workplace.  

A Fresh Start with Fletchers Supplies

By utilising a combination of digesters, odour neutralisers, preventative measures like urinal screens, and drain maintenance solutions, you can effectively conquer unpleasant odours in your home and business. At Fletchers Supplies, we have the expertise and products to help you achieve a fresh and hygienic environment. Visit us today and breathe easy.