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Vogue Dual Grit Whetstone, 400-1000 Grit [GD036] (Order in item)

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When your kitchen knives are being used during every service you'll need to revive the blade to keep it sharp.

Just a few minutes using the 400 grit side and you'll restore dull blades. A few more minutes on the 1000 grit side and that edge will be sharper than before.

Wet the whetstone's surface to float away the swarf. The silicone base keeps the whetstone in place, so you can keep a consistent angle.

Product features

      ▪   Dimensions 25(H) x 75(W)mm
      ▪   Material Ceramic
      ▪   Weight 280g
      ▪   Dual sided whetstone for ultra sharp results
      ▪   Revive any blade in minutes
      ▪   Silicone base for stability when sharpening