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Vogue Chinois, 240mm [E819]

Ensure the smoothest textures for your soups and sauces. Using this 24cm chinois from Vogue is a simple but highly effective way to quickly strain out any lumps in your food before serving. Featuring a sturdy stainless steel ring and mesh, it is designed for everyday commercial use and guarantees professional results. Perfect for anything from soup and custard to yoghurt and puree, no restaurant or hotel kitchen should be without it.

Product features

▪ Dimensions 240 mm (Ø)
▪ Material Stainless Steel
▪ Weight 450g
▪ Ideal for straining out lumps
▪ Creates an incredibly smooth texture
▪ Sturdy construction
▪ Hole in the handle for convenient storage
Brand Vogue
SKU # 19474